A hotel in Hossegor where environmental sustainability is at the core of its commitments

Sustainability credo

Villa Seren’s remarkable surroundings call for the most rigorous   environmental ethos. From architectural design to everyday services, we apply the very best sustainable techniques and  practices available to us today.
Here at Villa SEREN, we believe that our hotel activity must take
responsibility for its impact on the environment.

• because we recognise that it is time to act and react
• because we can minimise our impact while ensuring the guest experience is not compromised

• because we are determined to address this important issue.

We are committed to our sustainable approach that aims to protect and   safeguard as much as possible, our biotope.



By studying each step
of our hotel’s product life cycle, we identified key areas for
improvement and made deliberate choices accordingly..


1. Energy
To ensure a comfortable guest experience, the hotel is heated and air-conditioned.
The building’s architecture was developed in order to minimise energy consumption.
West-facing walls (prevailing winds) benefit from a double facade thanks to a system
of wall louvres. The other facades have been externally insulated.
Choice and performance of equipment are essential: heat pump,
4-star boiler, solar panels to preheat water
and pool, Class A LED lightbulbs, double-flow ventilation system.
Guest room automation provides fast and efficient
control over room temperature..
The windows were chosen for their thermal and acoustic performance.


2. Water
We have installed an outdoor automatic irrigation system
reduced water flow from taps, reduced toilet flushes to 6 litres
and we cover the outdoor pool overnight to reduce evaporation.


3. Use of detergent
Only eco-labelled or natural cleaning products are used in
the hotel. In the case of necessity and to meet hygiene standards,
disinfectants, antibacterial products are used occasionally.
We optimise chlorine levels in the pool by using a
zeolite filter.


4. Waste management
We separate our recyclables! We limit one-time-use
packaging. When used, only recyclable and eco-labelled
packaging is used and we ensure it is properly collected.
Hermetic ashtrays have been installed outdoors to control any
risk of groundwater pollution.


5. Day-to-day management
Maintenance of equipment is carried out annually to ensure optimal
working order.
Villa Seren provides its guests with information in the welcome book. This information enables us
to encourage each and every one to play an active part in achieving the goals that we have set.

The Villa’s team participates in the solutions
and possible developments to protect our beautiful environment.